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  • Which product should I start with?
    For first time customers, we recommend starting with the Complete Home Kit for floors that are not brand new. This kit includes all three of our products plus the mop tools for application. This gives you everything you need to deep clean, restore, shine and maintain your laminate. For customers with a new floor, or for those that are not looking to add any sheen or protection, then we recommend the Fresh Start Kit.
  • Does this product help with streaky, hazy or cloudy floors?"
    Yes, the key to this is the Deep Scrub Cleaner. This will remove all of the stubborn residue that is causing these issues. Other cleaners on the market can actually make this problem worse as their products don't remove the residue but coat over it. Using our system you will clean the floor down to the factory finish. Once you clean with Lamanator Plus your floors will not only look great initially, but they will be much easier to maintain.
  • How much of a shine will it put on my floor?
    Each coat of the Restorer finish that you apply will raise the shine by about 30%. If your floor is dull, then it will look like more of a satin finish with the first coat. By applying a second coat, you will achieve a high gloss finish.
  • How does the money back guarentee work?
    In the unlikely event you wish to request a refund we have made it a very easy process. Simply ship the unused or remaining product back to us with your full name and phone number enclosed in the box. Once we receive the product we will immediately issue you a complete refund via the credit card or PayPal account you paid with.
  • Does this product protect against pet accidents?
    Yes, the Restorer finish will give you significant protection. It will help seal the joints and seams to prevent the urine from getting in and causing any damage. If your pet has an accident after applying our Restorer, simply wipe it away with a damp cloth.
  • Can you remove the restorer finish?
    Yes you can remove the Restorer finish by using the Deep Scrub cleaner and a mild abrasive scrub pad. This process may have to be repeated to completely remove the Restorer. However, if you are going to re-apply the Restoration product, there is no need to completely remove the original application of Restoration as it will blend.
  • What is the ingredient that makes Lamanator Plus so benificial for restoring my floor?
    It is a 24% solid thermal plastic polymer. It is the strongest and most durable semi-permanent coating made.
  • What does Lamanator Plus do to improve the look and wear of my floor?
    It will thoroughly clean your floor of any residue leaving it much easier to maintain. It will add a beautiful and protective shine to the floor and it helps hide scuffs, scratches and stops tracking. It also helps seal (coat) the joints and helps prevent peeling.
  • Should I use this product on newly installed floors?
    Yes, the Lamanator Plus System is excellent to use on a new floors. The Deep Scrub will remove the factory over-spray that is on all new floors. This oily & sticky residue attracts dirt causing your floors to not only look bad, but also makes them very difficult to maintain. Our Restorer product coats the joints between the floor boards, which helps prevents water from seeping in and causing the joints to peak. Our products also make cleaning easier and will brighten up the colors in the floor.
  • How long does an application of the Lamanator Plus Restorer finish last?
    Normally, we would recommend a minimum of one year between applications, depending on the amount of traffic to the area. It could very well be longer before another application is needed!
  • Can I use Lamanator Plus on hardwood and other types of flooring?
    Absolutely, our products can also be used on LVT, Vinyl Plank, Pre-finished Hardwood, Vinyl, Slate, Ceramic, Tile, Linoleum, Bamboo and Cork floors.
  • Can I use Lamanator Plus on lamanate or wood counter tops and cabinets?
    Yes, this product works great on laminate and wooden counter tops. It also works great on Formica. Simply apply it just as you would to the floor.
  • Sometimes there are two different sheens between one box of flooring to another. Will this product even out the discrepancies?
    Yes, it will greatly help blend the different sheen levels when one box is different from the other. There has been a lot of this problem, but Lamanator Plus will take care of it.
  • How is Lamanator Plus applied?
    It is very easy to apply, unlike Urethanes, etc. Everything is done using a spray bottle. First you spray the floor with Deep Scrub and allow it to sit for 3 minutes. Then agitate with the scrub pad that is in the two in one mop package. After mildly agitating, you switch to the micro fiber mop...this is an important part. Get the floor cleaned well enough that your pail of water turns clear from the final rinse. Then when you use the finish, it will not only adhere perfectly to the floor, but your floor will also be so clean and beautiful that it will shock your eyes. Then use the micro fiber mop and the Restorer finish. Mist it on the mop first and then on the floor. Spread evenly and allow it to dry for 20-30 minutes. Apply second coat, and presto, you are done! Maintain your floors from this point using our Flooring Cleaner.
  • Will Lamanator Plus make my floor more slippery?
    No, Lamanator Plus will not change the traction of the floor once it is fully cured (about 12 hours).
  • Will Lamanator Plus remove wax from my floor?
    Yes, it will remove wax from the floor. If the wax has been used repeatedly on the floor we recommend cleaning the floor with the Deep Scrub EXTREME instead of the standard Deep Scrub.
  • Im in the USA and why cant I purchase Lamanator from this site?
    American customers will have to use the US webpage
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