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In our 24 years of experience in the flooring industry, we started to notice some common problems with laminate flooring.  It didn't seem to matter where the laminate came from or who installed it…complaints never seemed to stop coming about Foot Prints, Dullness, Streaking, Wear, etc.

Customers would clean their floors, but after a child or pet simply walked across the floor, it would be left looking filthy again!

After repeatedly hearing about this common problem, we began to seek out a solution. By speaking with various manufacturers and their chemist's, we were able to create the ultimate fix.

In the process, we found that there are many problems with today's cleaners…most of them leave a ton of residue which makes your floors dirtier!  With a lot of hard work and research, we soon introduced what has become known today as...Lamanator Plus.

Canadian Owned and Opperated

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