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Will bring out the total beauty of your floor!  The Fresh Start Kit is the very first 2-part cleaning kit ever produced and will make your floors look better than ever.


The Deep Scrub (green label) is designed for new and old flooring, it will remove all the built up residue on the floor, giving the floor a 'Fresh Start'.  This will solve common problems such as the floor streaking when cleaning, dullness and foot prints, and is great for use on newly installed flooring.

*For floors with severe build-up from waxes, glues, or acrylic finishes - please choose Deep Scrub EXTREME (purple label) from the option above.


The Flooring Cleaner (red label) is perfect for day to day maintenance after using the Deep Scrub.  This kit contains everything you need to get the results you want.

(Does not include the Restorer protective coating product)


The Deep Scrub, along with the scrub pad, will remove old built up cleaners and any factory over sprays, waxes, installation glue, dirt, oils and grime.  This product will get your floors (new or old) very clean.  Your water will end up black and very dirty.  Make sure to rinse very well to get all the grime off. 


The Flooring Cleaner will give you a streak free maintenance cleaner that will revitalize your floors with every cleaning.  You will experience the relief of a cleaner that will not leave a film or residue of any sort.


Included in this kit:

1 - Quart of Deep Scrub
1 - Quart of Flooring Cleaner
1 - Plastic frame which will fit any mop handle
1 - Microfiber Mop
1 - Scrub Pad
2 - Sprayers


This kit will cover 800 sq. feet of deep cleaning and 2,500 feet of maintenance cleaning.


The Lamanator Plus line of products will never harm the finish of your flooring when used as directed.

Fresh Start Floor Cleaning Kit (2 Quarts)

Excluding GST/HST
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