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Deep Scrub EXTREME is a powerful hard floor cleaning product...ready to use. It is designed to remove the toughest build-ups and residues from the floor.


It will remove all types of waxes, acrylic finishes, glues, and deep down dirt and soil.


This product will not harm the original finish. The main objective for the Deep Scrub EXTREME is to get your floor as clean as you possibly can. The cleaning will also prep your floor and allow the Restorer to adhere to your floor with ease.


1 Quart will cover approximately 800 sq. ft.



  • Mist onto floor. Using a cloth micro-fiber mop spread evenly and allow 5 minutes to sit.
  • Agitate with mild or medium scrub pad.
  • Mop up solution using a cloth micro-fiber mop.
  • Use fresh cold water and rinse floor 2-3 times to insure no solution is left on floor.
  • Repeat steps above if needed.
  • Maintain your floors by using our Flooring Cleaner.
  • Protect all floors with coasters of felts.

Deep Scrub EXTREME (1 Quart)

Excluding GST/HST
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